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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mother Nature's Pantry!

     If you were lost in the wild or in any situation where the food supply was low, it would be some life saving info to know what Mother Nature has in the pantry! Also, in her medicine cabinet! I'll be researching foods in the wilderness and some of their medicinal uses and adding more as I go. Here's a few to get us started!

Eaten:  Completely Edible. As salad or cooked. Best when younger. Slightly bitter as the mature. High in beta-carotene.

Medical:  General Stimulant especially for urinary organs.

 Eaten:  Raw or cooked. Flowers are best tasting. High in Vit C. !Don't overindulge! Clovers can cause bloating eaten in high amounts!

Medicinal:  Tea from flowers provide cough releif. Ingest for increased fertility or for ease of menopausal symptoms.

Broad Leaf Plantain
Eaten:  Younger, tender leaves can be eaten raw as a salad. Older, tougher leaves can be cooked in a stew or soup. Small seeds can be ground into flour substitute. High in Calcium, Vitamins A,C, and K.

Medicinal:  Poultices can be made from leaves for topical analgesic, anti-inflamitory, and weak antibiotic.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cant wait to test my Steel!!!

 Im so excited! So here's the deal! My wife ordered some catalogs for us to flip through. When they came I flipped through a few before I came across this "Cold Steel" catalog. I flipped it open and I was like... Jackpot! All their stuff is down right awesome!
    Then Two discs fell out of the catalog. So i popped the first one in and What can I say? Their demos are crazy awesome! They have a great price range and selection! I had to get something. So I started with the Bowie style machete by Cold Steel! When it gets here ill share what I get! I have high hopes! If any if their products are half as good as the ones they were using on the video, they'll be awesome. I have high expectations and just cant wait!

Starting fire with Flint, striker, lint!

Hope ya'll like our first video! We'll get more comfortable as we go im sure. Any ideas you wanna give us would be great, just please be nice!
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Above my pic on the right!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Join my Family and I!

Hi everyone! Nice to meet ya!
   I live in the small city of Winnsboro, LA with my beautiful wife Heike and all of our kids. I would like to encourage my family to be prepared for any situation. We will be posting videos here so you can learn with us!
   Y'all come join us as we explore camping and survival of all types! Help us by giving me ideas of methods we can learn and post videos of! Be creative!
   We'll see you soon! Be Prepared!
                Us at the zoo!